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Consulting & Coaching

Are you:

Stuck trying to create a strategy? 

Having trouble figuring out what’s converting for your customer base?

Struggling to find a way in your unique market?

Having difficulty creating content?

​If you answered yes to these questions, then you’d likely benefit from Wise Marketing Professionals' package of Consulting & Advising. Most small and medium-sized businesses often just need a push in the right direction, or help to develop the plan but prefer to keep the work in-house. If so, then this is perfect for you.

Each business is unique and therefore each strategy is, too.  We’ve helped many of our clients reach and exceed their quarterly or annual goals with an improved digital marketing presence. During your 1:1 consulting session, a Wise Marketing Professional will review content, train your staff on the system, and provide valuable insights to help your continued growth.

CASE STUDY:  Wise Marketing Professionals wants you to own, understand, and be able to update your website.  We have helped clients redesign their website and then spent several sessions training a single person or team to be able to edit the site in-house. This avoids the additional expense of having to hire a developer every time a simple change is needed. If there’s turnover and someone else is in that role, and you don’t have time to re-train a new person, that’s what Wise Marketing is for!

Here are ways we can help:

Are you ready to get started?

Our Packages


One Time

  • Includes 1-hour session,
    video recorded

  • one-on-one (or one-on-team), hands-on training

  • resources to help your continued success/growth

  • pre-meeting market/competitor analysis

  • SEO audit of your site

  • review of Social Media presence

  • and more...


Minimum of 3 months

  • Includes: 2 monthly 1-hour sessions, video recorded

  • one-on-one, ongoing/hands-on training 

  • direct access to Digital Marketing Strategist & Owner Megan Robertson

  • pre-meeting (& ongoing for the life of the contract) Market/Competitor Analysis

  • SEO audit

  • review of Social Media presence (+ management / up to 3 channels w/ 3 weekly posts)

  • + online resources & more...

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