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We rise by lifting others.

We strive to be a force for good.
15% of our profits are re-invested in the local community or non-profits.  We also give of ourselves, donating many hours of marketing services to non-profits each year. For every business that works with us, you are the reason this is possible.

Thank you!


Supporting Local Businesses

Updating the library of a local Preschool and Daycare. Having books that represent all walks of life as well as multiple topics helps children to see themselves reflected in their environment. Wise Marketing Professionals was honored to be able to support a local business, especially one that is responsible for the community's littlest members! 

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Donating Time

We were thrilled to donate our time and help the Working For A Purpose Foundation build a stunning new website! Still don't know their cause? They are a charitable, non-profit organization working to ensure single-parent families have all the aid, resources, and unconditional love they need. Get involved in this important work by visiting their Rincon, GA location, and checking out the amazing new website!

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Supporting Teachers

Annually, Wise Marketing Professionals helps clear Teachers Wish Lists before the start of the school year.  It started in 2019, but has grown over the years. In 2022, Wise Marketing Professionals was able to help 55 total teachers clearing $3,500!  We can't wait to see how this will grow in the coming years.

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Supporting Non-Profits

In recent years, we have had a lot of reasons to count our blessings.  Wise Marketing Professionals has been honored to support Eckerd Connects Raising Hope's mission, and hope to spread awareness of their cause.
Eckerd Connects Raising Hope has an Amazon wishlist to make giving easy!

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Donating Resources

Millions of pounds of crayons are discarded every year, turning into a waxy sludge that clogs our landfills. Wise Marketing Professionals collects broken, barely used crayons, from homes, schools, and restaurants to be recycled and remanufactured into new, free crayons for kids in children's hospitals across the United States.  Learn more about the Crayon Initiative

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Supporting Local Families

There are enough obstacles to provide for our families, and the stress of the holidays is something many families struggle with. Through a local organization, we provide support for local families every year. 

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