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Thoughts on 2020 Marketing Strategy

strategy on white board

As you sit and plan out your 2020 marketing strategy, make sure that social media is a part of it! In today's climate, the average person spends a good amount of time on social platforms: #LinkedIn, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Snapchat, #Tumblr, there is something for everyone!


Social Media #content that is available for a short time and then disappears is trending. Snapchat introduced us to it. Instagram added stories, and now even Facebook has a version of stories.

Attention spans are short. So the Story feature has really taken off. Create something short and engaging, maybe even multiple times a day. People spend hours scrolling through the short content until they find something different and engaging. So make sure that your content is unique.

Video Content

Video popularity in recent years has been on the rise, and it should come as no surprise, continues to increase among social media users. Again, attention spans are short, so your videos should be, too. Want to be inclusive? Make sure you include closed caption in your videos. Not only is that great for inclusivity, but most people are scrolling through videos with the sound off, this way you can still engage your audience.


Instagram is beta testing removing likes. So make sure your strategy isn't based on vanity likes, rather engagement. How many comments and shares have you received? Have your followers increased? Are you reaching the audience you want to? Is your message on-brand with every post?

How many likes you receive isn't as important as how much you're engaging with your audience.


While this is relatively new to Social Media Marketing, it is a platform that may not work for every business. With that in mind, make sure that you're evaluating which platforms you could reach the most people with and have the best ROI.

Social Media ROI

How do you know that your investment into the platform is paying off? Your investment may just be your time, but it's time that you are building awareness of your brand! How many reviews have you received? How many new likes have you gotten this week? Most platforms have analytics. Use them. It will help you identify when to post, and which posts get your audience talking more.

Whatever your plan for 2020, know that building your #brand awareness is possible with Social Media. It's the future of #eCommerce. Make sure you use this powerful tool correctly!

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