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How to Align Your Blog with Your Organic Search Conversion Funnel

Blogs are essentially used as a sales and marketing tool. Businesses incorporate blogs into their website to inform people of the nature and value of the business to, hopefully, generate leads. However, many companies do not consider the relationship between their blogs and their conversion funnel. The impact of their publications is often not measured or studied, which is unfortunate as blogs provide great potential for attracting qualified leads.

Maximize the potential of your blogs to generate potential business by aligning them with your organic search conversion funnel. Below are some steps to help turn your blogs into valuable sales and marketing tool that converts.

1. Identify which blog content creates organic traffic to your website

Statistically, only 20% of your content will generate traffic to your website. Thus, it is essential to determine which blog content the business has published to attract your target audience.

Google’s Search Console, also known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free tool from Google that can help you measure, monitor, and maintain your website's presence in Google's search results, making sure it's always up-to-date and user-friendly. Use the information you get so you can focus your effort on coming up with blog content that actually ranks on Google and entices people to click your link. Optimize your blogs based on these topics or the keywords searched.

2. Create blogs that would target the relevant stage of a buyer's journey

Being a business, incorporating blogs into your website is intended to create a purchase of your sales or services. For most companies, this often does not happen when a visitor first comes upon your page. There are different stages in a buyer's journey before finally deciding to put money into your business. This is called the conversion funnel and has the following stages:

  • AWARENESS: In this first step, a visitor becomes aware of the existence of your business when they are experiencing a problem or a pain point.

  • INTEREST: At this stage, the buyer has defined their problem and is researching to understand better and find a solution to their issue. If the prospective buyer expresses interest in your firm's offer, they will become a lead.

  • DESIRE: At this point, the buyer narrows their options to those they believe are worthy of their trust.

  • ACTION: In this final step, the buyer decides among the options which one presents the best answer to their problem. Any business's ultimate goal is to make your leads your customer.

Blogs are best utilized to target the awareness stage of a buyer's journey. As potential buyers become aware of their problem, they start using search engines to research. Ensure your blog content provides the information that would address their questions and pulls them in. Establishing your knowledge and expertise raises their awareness of your business and builds their trust.

Also, remember to take advantage of the opportunity to direct your visitors to check out your products or services by incorporating contextual call to action (CTA) and lead generation forms. You may add a heat map and button click tracker to understand better how your potential customers interact with your blog post.

3. Publish blogs regularly and revive old ones

Publishing regularly helps boost your ranking on SERPs. Make sure you publish blogs at least once a month so readers have something new to read. Make sure your contents are fresh and always relevant.

Another way to ensure your content is relevant is to update previously published blogs worth updating. Here are some tools that can help you compare important on-page elements like titles, subheadings, keyword usage, etc., and help determine how to update and optimize your content.

4. Ensure your blogs are seen

Great content is wasted if no one sees it. Don't let that happen. Promote your blogs to maximize your reach. Plenty of ways to share your content beyond your blog's site exist. Take advantage of social media platforms and email marketing to attract readers to your site.

Final Thoughts

Business blogs can be an excellent sales and marketing tool when utilized correctly. Follow our tips to help you ensure your content is aligned with your organic search conversion funnel. Doing this can help you optimize your content for better search engine results, increase traffic to your website, and boost conversions.

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