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How to Manage Facebook Marketing Efforts

Facebook advertisement is necessary for every business. Whether your business focuses on digital or in-person services or selling products you may have multiple #Facebook ad accounts and business pages. It can become overwhelming when managing numerous pages, resources, in addition to the day-to-day of running your business. Facebook business manager is a useful tool that allows you to manage all of your pages and ad accounts in one place with ease. Additionally, you can manage people by assigning roles and have visibility of their activity all in one place.

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager:

  • Manage people, pages, and ad account with one application

  • Ad agencies and employees can be granted access to the Facebook Business Manager Account easily and be removed quickly when/if necessary

  • Allows you to build custom audiences for your advertising campaigns

  • Create professional reports for multiple accounts

  • Improved customer support from Facebook

  • Utilizing one portal makes it easy to work with partners and agencies without having to grant access to every individual page and account separately.

  • On top of everything, It’s Free.

How to set up a Facebook Business Manager account:

To create an account you need to use your personal account, but it is only to ensure your identity,

  • Add your business details, submit them to create an account.

  • Add your Facebook pages; if you are a marketing agency, you can ask for access to the client's Facebook pages.

  • Add your Facebook ad accounts, note that once you add your ad account into the business manager, you can't remove them. So add your ad accounts that you own for the client's ad account, use the request access button.

  • Add agency or employees with the add people function, easily assigning different roles. This menu adds individuals only.

  • Add business partners and agencies, using the business settings button, click partners from the left pane, and click Add to share assets with your partners.

I am a business owner myself, my recommendation is to have a Social Media Manager manage your marketing campaigns; either in-house or hire an agency. This allows you to focus on your business with mental peace that #socialmedia is being managed by professionals. However, set up your Facebook business manager account yourself. A Social Media Manager will recognize business needs and develop a marketing strategy best suitable to grow your business.


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