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Is RealGeeks Overwhelming You?

Starting your own real estate website without being confident in your knowledge of technology can be very overwhelming. Good thing there are resources available to you! Real Geeks Support Staff is amazing! They can help you with any questions you have while setting up your website. Fortunately, the website takes very little web development, as it already has built-in templates for most pages. Beyond that, the following tips might be helpful to a novice agent unfamiliar with all things SEO and web development.

overwhelmed with technology

Hire an Expert

I know, I know. You just invested money to generate the site, and now you’re going to have to spend more money to have an expert set it up. Not only does this allow you to focus on your clients, showings, and listing appointments, but it also frees you up from the stress of missing critical pieces that will help your website be successful. The ultimate goal of any site should be organic leads. This will not happen overnight. To increase your website rank with search engines, you’ll need:

  1. Quality individual content

  2. Engaging Content and Style

  3. Easy to Navigate Site

All things that an expert will help you with, in less time than if you do it yourself.

Develop a system for the CRM

To set yourself up for success, you need to be consistent with how you #manage your leads on the backend. From the beginning, have set procedures, saved filters, auto texts, drips, set up, and ready to go. That way, when you do start getting leads, you aren’t losing time with those prospects.

Write Blogs

Commit yourself or resources to publish at least one new blog a week. Choose topics that appeal to your local audience: School Calendars, Holiday Events, Sales/Deals for holidays. Mix in some real estate topics: Market conditions, top 10 lists for neighborhoods, build/resale. Mix in some information about local landmarks so that people moving from out of town might find your site by simply gathering a list of local playgrounds. Get personal – write about why you became a #Realtor, what your favorite part of being a realtor is, etc. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, only about 300-500 words. Let’s not forget that most visitors will want to be able to glance and get the gist.

Blogs are a powerful tool to capture visitors from search engines. Don’t skip out on this. It’s also great for organic leads in time. See our blog for more tips on this.

Video Content

Video content is such a great marketing tool. People these days stream video on their phones, tablets, desktops. Everywhere. Make some great video content. Publish it (with text for SEO) on a webpage. It gives those visual visitors something to watch vs. read. You can also add the videos to your blogs with a caption or two. Share the videos on social media – promoting your site. There are already some great How to Use My Real Geeks Site Videos available for download.

Hire an Expert

I know. I know. I already mentioned this one, but I can’t stress enough the importance of this investment. Allow someone else to set up your #website.

Learn How To Manage It Yourself

While hiring an expert is an immediate fix; it won’t help you in the long run if you have to hire someone every time you want to add a page. Learn the site. Learn how to build out landing pages, neighborhood pages, market reports, set up your #CRM, add new clients to a saved search, etc. If you’re willing, you might also want to learn how to manage your own PPC advertisement so that you have an immediate fix of paying someone to manage it, but ultimately you can save that $$ because you can do it on your own.

Good Luck with your new adventure! I’m certain that RealGeeks will be a great lead source & CRM for you to help you #grow your business! If you need help setting up your CRM or suggestions for website builders, give us a call at (912) 472-8166. We can help! Wise Marketing Professionals has years of experience with Real Geeks and can assist you with your website.


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