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Why Small Businesses Need Online Business Directories

Online directories have become more than a place to list your details on a website. They have become a significant banner in advertising. They are comprehensive platforms that help users online identify, learn about, and connect to businesses, big or small.

Not only will building your online business directory provide you exposure to attract potential clients, but it will also showcase what your business has to offer.

As the business owner, researching and scoping your industry landscape to determine which directories are the best to have your company listed in is highly beneficial.

Now, if you’re still not convinced why you need to give your business a lift in local SEO through online business directories, we’ve rounded up some legitimately good reasons why:

1. Claim what’s yours, a.k.a your business

That’s right. Listing your company online validates that you’re running a legitimate business. Plus, having accurate information listed across multiple directories can strengthen brand reputation. Search engines utilize algorithms to decide where your content is visible or how your business is ranked online.

Having consistent and correct information disseminated across various business directories can help you claim what’s yours and dominate your industry.

2. Boost your visibility & be discoverable

More and more people are relying on technology for information. According to data from Hubspot, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

Directory listings will increase the number of mentions and backlinks to your website—helping you be visible in search results that can bring you potential leads. Getting listed in online business directories also means getting listed in others since some directories pull information from other directories.

As a small business, visibility should be your top priority. You want people to know about you, and what better way to do that than be where your customers are?

3. Increase website traffic

Submitting your website or business link to an online directory increases traffic to your website, which can potentially be converted into sales. Have a solid link from a directory that search engines will find relevant and valuable to better position you against competitors in your niche. Just ensure that the information you include in online directories is up-to-date, accurate, and consistent.

4. Target local consumers

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of a directory listing is its ability to get you the local clientele you are after. There are a lot of legitimate directory sites to put you on the internet map. If your business is location-centered, utilizing online directories can assist in widening your reach to target cities within and outside of your location.

There are online directories that offer advanced filter options that will let customers connect with products and services available within their areas. So if your small business is something that serves the local community, better start listing.

5. Save, save, save $$$

Traditional advertising can be costly. If you’re operating on a limited budget, utilizing business directories may be a good way to jumpstart your advertising efforts. There are available online business directories that let you list your business for free.

Online directories make it easier and more convenient for consumers to identify products and services to serve their needs. In today’s digital marketing world, it’s important for small businesses to utilize online business directories and reap the benefits. If you are interested in local business directory listing optimization, Wise Marketing Professionals can help. Message us today to book an appointment!


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