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Your Real Estate Business & COVID-19

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With uncertainty all around us, it can be difficult to find the strength to power through. It's all about #mindset. Here are some tips for real estate agents to adjust their mindset and find opportunities in the current climate.

If you are in an at-risk or high-risk category of contracting #covid-19 and you're not comfortable continuing to show the property, take the time now to pivot your business.

1. Check-in with your past clients. Check-in with your leads. Revisit your sphere. Add value by reaching out to people. They are also in a time of uncertainty and transition and you taking the time to reach out could lead to referrals, future deals, unplanned connections.

2. Get organized. Set up your home office or mobile office in your car. Do you have a power adapter in the backseat, maybe look into printers that you can have on the go, for showings? Are all of your closings entered into your calendar so you can send anniversary notes/cards to your clients? If not, do it now.

3. Think of things that typically slow you down, and take the time to fix them during this "downtime". Does it take you longer to write a contract because all the forms are in the right place? Create folders. Do you have all of your signed contracts in your downloads folder on your computer? Create folders so you can easily find them.

4. Create social media content. Now is the time to create those videos you've been putting off. Start that blog you haven't had time to write. Research companies to manage your social media marketing (i.e. Wise Marketing Professionals).

If you still want to show property:

  1. Be strategic. Do it safely. Bring hand sanitizer, gloves, & Clorox wipes.

  2. Look at your virtual options for showings and open houses. There are some very unique brokerages today that do everything virtually. Take this time to evaluate if you're with the right company giving you the tools to complete your job safely.

  3. Consider increasing your marketing to appeal to investors. With the economic downturn, investors are still going to want to scoop up properties, especially if it's a good deal. Create an investor group on Facebook. Join an investor group on Facebook. Create lists of homes that fit the general criteria for investors' purchases and market the list of homes to that specific group of people.

  4. Market to your database how you can do the showing, contract, inspections, all the way to closing virtually. So there is minimal risk to continue their home buying dreams. Also, check with your title companies and closing attorneys to see if they have a solution for virtual/mail away closings. If they don't, are they moving to one? If not, check around. Some companies are making these adjustments and it will put your clients' minds at ease.

In today's world, instead of looking at the current situation as all doom and gloom, look at it as an #opportunity to approach your business in a new way, or for some of you/us the way that you've always wanted to. Be more organized. Be more #strategic. Don't wait. Start today.

As always, if you want help developing a digital marketing strategy that works for you, give us a call. We can help!

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