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Great Ways for Stay-at-Home Parents to Make Extra Income

For our parents’ generation, being a stay-at-home parent meant giving up your career, at least temporarily. It was almost impossible for parents of the past to juggle full-time child care and bring in a substantial income - especially if they also wanted to be able to have any kind of downtime.

woman holding toddler while working on laptop

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Today, however, parents have more options. Companies across the country are recognizing the power of a remote workforce and learning how to work with parents’ scheduling needs. As a result, you can find a position that works for your family. Moreover, starting a company or turning yourself into a business via freelance work has never been easier. Wise Marketing Professionals invites you to look at some more ways you can make extra income while managing childcare at home:

Create an E-Commerce Business

If you have a knack for crafting and a good head for digital marketing, e-commerce might be your field. Running an online shop is a great way to turn a hobby like knitting or sculpting into a lucrative career. If you’re willing to take commissions and make custom pieces, you can make a substantial income off your work.

Another great remote business option is dropshipping. This is a form of e-commerce where you don’t store products yourself but market them and take a portion of the profits. Since this doesn’t require you to keep physical inventory, it’s a great way to run an online shop without worrying about taking up space in your home. If you already run an online shop, it’s also a great way to expand your business and capitalize on your existing audience.

If you live in a rural area, you might think your internet connection can’t sustain this business. Even if you don’t have broadband access, however, you may still be able to get reliable and speedy WiFi. Look into the options available in your area - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Become a Secret Shopper

Stay-at-home parents often manage their households, meaning they tend to do most of the family’s shopping. Make the most of a task you already do by getting a job as a secret shopper.

Companies need insight into how their shops are run. When corporate figures come in person, workers tend to be on their best behavior. Secret shoppers help corporate understand if that behavior sticks around once they’re not there. However, ensuring you’re staying savvy when looking for a secret shopper job is important. There are plenty of legitimate options, but fake positions are a popular scam. Never pay money to take on a job as a secret shopper, and take steps to ensure that an offer is legitimate before you accept.

Try Your Hand at Freelance Work

Working as a freelancer allows you to set your own schedule and workload - something parents know the value of all too well. When you pick up a contract job, you can easily fit the work around your family’s schedule. Whether you tackle the project during naps, after bedtime, or while your kids play independently is up to you. The important thing is that you have the power to make that call.

Another great thing about freelancing is that you can fit it into nearly any field or industry. This means that no matter what you do, you can keep your skills sharp and your career rolling. Once you’re ready to go back to full-time work, you won’t have a big resume gap to explain away. Instead, you’ll have proof that you’re self-motivated, well-organized, and dedicated to staying on top of your abilities.

The days of stay-at-home parenting signaling the end of your career are long past. Thanks to digital communications, you can find a job that fits your schedule, no matter what that looks like. Explore the options to determine what’s best for you and your family!


Written by Sarah Bull

Sarah Bull is a single mom of two, an entrepreneur, and a penny pincher. She is the creator of, where she shares tips and tricks about growing a home-based business. She hopes to inspire her readers, especially fellow moms, to take their earning destinies into their own hands using her career and money-making advice."


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