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5 Steps to Improve SEO Content

Search engines contribute more than 50% of website traffic. To get your site ranked higher in search engine results, the content on your website has to be SEO-friendly. Many businesses are still struggling to get traffic on their websites because they are not properly implementing the right SEO strategies.

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In today's article, I will share with you the 5 SEO strategies that have helped several websites increase their traffic from search engines. Let's dig in…

1. Add relevant keywords to your content

One of the major ways to create SEO #optimized content is through adding keywords to articles or blogs on your website. Do your homework and find the relevant keywords that your target audience is likely going to use while searching for content in search engines. You also need to make sure you add one or two keywords in your title and the first paragraph of your content. Search engines use titles and short descriptions to showcase on their sites, so having the keywords listed first is key to getting the search engines to notice your website.

2. Create content that will trigger your audience to engage

Search engines are designed with algorithms that favor content that attracts draws in the audience and encourages engagement like commenting or sharing. To create engaging content, you need to determine the kind of content that your followers love. There isn't a formula for this apart from trying various subjects within your niche and then sticking with subjects that get more engagement. You may also opt to do some research, compare your type of content to your competitors' content to find out the topics that trigger engagement on their websites.

While we would never encourage intellectual theft, recognizing the types of content that are encouraging engagement toward your target audience and then using that tactic to build your own content could help grow your audience and brand.

3. Update your content more regularly

Search engines love fresh content and regularly updating your content by adding new facts will strongly boost your website in search engine rankings. To do this, look at some of your most popular articles and try to find new stuff that you can add to refresh them. Share your articles, even the old, ones on social media to re-engage with your audience and bring in new traffic to your website. Older content can be made new again. The more traffic that is drawn to your site, the more links back to your site, then your domain authority will grow.

4. Know how to add links to your content

While writing content on your website/blog, you should include links out to resources, or other websites that draw attention to your topic. Any websites with a high domain authority linking to your site can only improve your authority. This is called a backlink. The strategy with backlinking is that the more your website becomes legitimized when other sites are linking to yours. Likewise, you can build page authority by creating internal backlinks and linking to pages within your own website.

For example, if I’m writing an article about #Facebook strategy, I may include other articles I’ve written about Facebook Business tools and link to them, likewise, I may link to Facebook FAQs to provide another resource that I’ve found valuable.

While adding links you want to avoid the call to actions like “click here” or resource available “here”. The link should be organic, mixed in amongst the text. While there is a time and a place for calls to action, in the midst of an article, it is not always appropriate.

5. Always add alternative texts to your media files

Whenever you add a video or photo to your website, always make sure to fill in the alternative text field with a brief description of the photo or video. This will make your content more relevant when someone searches with one of the words that appear in your alternative texts. This has become increasingly important in recent years due to the Google Image search function. It also applies to remain ADA compliant allows individuals with disabilities to utilize the description of images and/or videos in the alt text field.

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