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Top 6 Tips for Maximizing your RealGeeks Real Estate Website

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Are you new to Real Geeks, Real Estate website? Have you tried everything to get your site up and running, but still don't think it's where it needs to be? Take a look at these 6 tips to maximize your Real Geeks website.

1. Sidebar Options

Take the time to build out specific sidebars for your content pages. The default sidebar will work in most cases, but if you add too much content to the default sidebar then it will create chaos for readers on some pages. For example, if you have over 100 area neighborhood pages built out (if you do, GOOD FOR YOU!), you will want to make sure that you can easily navigate between them. If on some pages there is little content, but you have to scroll 100 times to get to the end of the sidebar, it's clunky for the viewer.

After some experience, we can provide best practices:

  • Create a High-Level Sidebar on the homepage which only lists the Cities & Corresponding Market Reports

  • On each City page, Update the sidebar to list ALL of the neighborhood pages by neighborhood name

  • On each Neighborhood page, update the sidebar to include the High-Level City List and all neighborhoods

These small changes will help the viewer navigate the different pages. The more neighborhood pages you have, the more content is indexed with #Google which will help your #SEO. (more on that later)

2. Blog Content

Update your Blog, regularly! If you don't have time to write 300-500 words weekly, hire someone. Having a #Blog helps build your site/page authority and increases your SEO. Share your blogs on social media. Create a following of your content. The more value you add to your community, the better chances for brand awareness.

Writer's block? Check out our Blog about 5 topics for your Real Estate Blog.

3. Area vs. Content Pages

The RealGeeks site is so powerful. Make sure that from the beginning you correctly organize your pages, otherwise it can be a nightmare later on.

All of your neighborhood, City pages should be built out as Area Pages. Information about programs you offer, job openings, Upcoming Events, Lender Partners, etc. Should ALL be Content Pages.

You'll thank me later!

4. Customizable Navigation Bars

One of the best features is the ability to customize your toolbars. Change out the content as needed. Put the most important information in the top navigation bar to add value to your page viewers. Hide less important information in the footer navigation bar.

Keep in mind that the top toolbar should be limited to 4-6 topics. The reason for this is depending on the size of the screen (tablet, laptop, desktop), the toolbar will not show all of the items you've deemed most important. You want the toolbar to be responsive, so if you are viewing the toolbar on a small screen it will shrink the list.

5. Unique Lead Capture Forms

Use the ability to customize the lead capture form to inform your page viewers why they should sign up! Invite page viewers to provide their information to view important information and receive updates regularly. Make sure if you run an advertisement that you change the text to include information ABOUT that ad.

For example, if your ad is promoting homes for sale in a specific neighborhood "The Farm", you can change the text to say "Complete the login to view all area homes for sale in The Farm community".

6. Landing Pages

Take advantage of the unique feature of property landing pages to easily share listings on social media.

Need help organizing or building out your site? Contact us and we can help!

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