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6th Annual Clear The List Campaign

Summer break is just around the corner (or here already in some states!). We know both teachers and kids are excited to take their summer break. We also know that while our beloved teachers are on vacation, they also use this time to prepare for the next school year.

The first week of classes sets the tone for the school year, so teachers ensure everything is in order. They use the break to update their lesson plans, take certification courses, revise classroom activities, and replenish classroom supplies.

Did you know that many of our teachers have to spend their own money on classroom supplies? Sadly, many school districts have limited budgets and cannot supply many needed things. To provide a more holistic and engaging classroom learning experience, our teachers take the initiative to provide their classroom needs.

Megan and the team genuinely admire the devotion of our educators. We also know how expensive school supplies can be and want to help. So, this July 24th, Wise Marketing Professionals is launching its 6th Annual "Clear The List Campaign." As a way of thanking teachers, the wonderful people who shape the children of our future, we will help provide as many classroom needs as possible. We encourage teachers to submit their classroom wishlist by completing this form.

Although we cannot guarantee that Wise Marketing will be able to grant everyone's wishes by creating a database of teachers in need, we hope to help spread the word to allow others to support you easily!

Wise Marketing launches the "Clear The List Campaign" annually to relieve stress. We dream of when our educators can simply go to a supply closet and pick up the items they need for their classrooms without paying from their own pockets.

Wise Marketing Professional believes that "We rise by lifting others." We hope our little act of kindness creates a ripple of goodness beyond what we can do.


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