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Ukraine, How Can We Help?

It's been around 300 days since the Russian troops marched into Ukraine and escalated the long-standing conflict between these nations. The aggression under Putin's mandate has been causing massive destruction in the country. Bombings and acts of violence continue to take so many lives. Countless families were forced out of their homes, some of which were divided, leaving many children separated from their parents.

Many nations, including the US, have rushed to help Ukraine. Unfortunately, these efforts are insufficient with the ongoing onslaught exacerbated by the bitter cold of winter. Recently, Russia again targeted an electrical power grid causing a massive power failure that cut off the heating supply. Russia will continue to target these critical energy infrastructures until the war is over to disrupt Ukrainians' access to water, heat, communication, and health care and cause massive unrest and terror for the nation.

People worldwide know the harsh conditions and injustices perpetrated against our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Most of us wonder what ordinary citizens like us can do to help. There are many charities accepting donations for Ukraine. Some local churches or charities accept both monetary contributions and gifts in kind. I hope we may find ways to share our blessings in this season of giving. Donations do not have to be extravagant. We can pull out from storage good condition winter clothes that we have outgrown and will probably never wear. Launder and donate these to keep a Ukrainian sister or brother warm this winter.

In my company, Wise Marketing Professionals, I have always attributed a percentage of our earnings to giving back to the community. The dire situation in Ukraine is a cause that is personal to me as a dear friend's family is still trapped in a bomb shelter in the country, enduring these stressful conditions. Thus, this holiday season, I decided to support a nonprofit organization that collects donations and distributes them to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

If you are looking for a means to give to Ukraine, I recommend sending your donations to Theresa & Scott at Agape House of Mercy. This organization has found a less expensive way to get needed items to needy families.

The items most needed now are:

  • winter wear

  • gloves

  • hats

  • warm jackets

  • blankets

  • sleeping bags

  • vitamins

  • ibuprofen

  • Tylenol

  • cold medicine

  • powdered peanut butter

  • first aid kits

If convenient, use the Amazon link below to purchase for delivery to Agape House of Mercy.

Mailing Address:

Theresa Cianciolo

Agape House of Mercy

2853 US Route 5,

Derby VT 05829 Agape House of Mercy is collecting these items and mailing them to reliable contacts on the ground in Ukraine. Our goal is to fill 50 boxes to be sent out by mid-December.

Our brothers in Ukraine have been living in fear and uncertainty for far too long. Please donate if you have been blessed this year or have the means. Let us help alleviate their suffering and spread the spark of hope, especially for the children.

I believe in paying forward our blessings and kindness. Please support those in need. If not for this cause, find one that's important to you. 'Tis the season.


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