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Facebook Ads and Real Estate, It's Changing

In recent months you may have noticed there has been a significant change in how social media is made available to your business. #Facebook has announced its shift to protect participants' privacy and as such will not be sharing specific demographic information necessary to place business ads to convert the most reactions, clicks, and leads.

This is a controversial opinion, nevertheless, I'm going to say it. Social Media is great for brand awareness. Promotions. Keeping your client base informed. Reminders for upcoming deadlines. #Reviews. Communicating with your clients directly. In the real estate industry, it is NOT the best source for leads that are likely to convert. Think about it. You will get clicks through to your website. You may even capture information to call, but when you're browsing social media, are you looking to buy a house? You may be dreaming of your next move. Or in the beginning stages of thinking about selling your home. True, motivated, active buyers and sellers are going to be searching on sites like Zillow,, Trulia, or many others. There are so many resources for prospective buyers/sellers that Facebook is a very unlikely tool for motivated leads these days.

Facebook ads are cost-effective. The price per click is low compared to some PPC advertisements. You may be a #Realtor that is doing BIG things with Facebook ads, and if you are, that is GREAT! I bet when you got started it took some time to understand your market. Identify and implement what the people in your area wanted to see in an advertisement. You probably completed A/B testing of different ads for weeks/months before you began seeing results. If you are successful with Facebook Ads, this post may not be for you.

If you are starting out in Facebook Ads, consider your #advertising #goals before you begin. If you want to promote your business, get "likes", raise your #brand awareness, or offer value with your content to a specific audience, then go for it! If you are hoping to get 1,000 leads in a week that will quickly convert to active buyers/sellers, consider another means for your advertising.

Have specific questions about your target audience? Give us a call and we can help!

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