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Common SEO Myths

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Search Engine Optimization (#SEO) is a strategy that can be employed to effect higher ranking on a search engine in the free of charge section termed as organic search results or listings. In other words, true search engine optimization is how online data is optimized in a manner that influences top-ranked results based on specific keyword searches. SEO involves you, the person searching, and the search engine being utilized.

Developing SEO articles is an art that is mastered to encourage search engines like Google to rate your article highly once the keywords are researched. With that comes many common myths as listed below.

Content is All You Need

Though content is essential it's not the only thing needed to boost your page; links are quite important as well. Content and Links go hand in hand in developing the desirous impact for your page or website.

Links Are Dead

Legal links can never be faced with a death sentence. At no point in your SEO journey should the notion of links being dead be entertained. Quality website content needs links to encourage visibility. Content and links are interlocked. They both improve the rankings of your page or website. Links need to be relevant and authentic. The livelihood of your links requires more than reciprocity connections with a friend.

Keyword Stuffing

Saturating your content with keywords was once a strategy used with SEO that increased the ranking of your website. This is no longer valid as Google upgraded the system. This method is not as effective as it once was and though it may still display little benefits it’s not a primary or valid method to increase the rank of your webpage. Relevant content that can cause internal and external (influence of others) linking outweighs optimizing on keywords.

SEO Is Dead

This is more an unaware statement than a myth. As individuals, we run with many heresies even when the concrete proof stares boldly. Testing the benefits of SEO is proof of its positive, effective, and lively impact. Keywords stand as the proof which when placed on a page begins to rank with climbing clicks in hours. The statement ‘SEO is dead’ is a marketing ploy many marketers incorporate to increase clicks for their personal posts or to build their business. This has helped increase the prevalence of the myth of SEO being dead.

Duplicate Content Will Negatively Impact You

Duplicate content is the same or similar material that shows up in more than one place on a website or multiple websites. It’s believed that duplicated content will incur a penalty. This also serves as a myth and doesn’t represent the truth on the matter as confirmed by Google, though it may impact your website’s Panda algorithm.

Keyword Research isn’t Important

The ranking of keyword research should be connected directly with the overall topic. Many pages rank low because the keyword chosen is irrelevant and wasn’t properly researched. Optimizing on keyword research will lead to higher volume thus a display of its importance.

Buying Backlinks Will Help Ranking

Purchasing backlinks will actually decrease the ranking of your page or website. Links that are available for purchase are normally ranked as bad links. Purchasing backlinks can also associate your business with ‘free for all sites’ as termed by Google that might negatively impact the influence of your website or page.

You Don’t Need an SEO Specialist Anyone Can Do It

The study and tact of building quality SEO strategies for your business’ page or website is crucial and the ordinary person just can’t confidently fit that shoe with foundational results. The SEO specialist knows the strategies to implement to increase rankings, understands the competition, and studies the methods that bring about varying desired results. Quality and maintained positive results are sure with an SEO Specialist.

Call an SEO professional to manage your SEO! Contact Wise Marketing Professionals today for a complimentary SEO Audit, or do it yourself!


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