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Reputation Management Services

No matter how much your organization puts in marketing efforts, consumers will still gauge your business and look into your reputation before purchasing. Consumer's voice has played an integral role in determining how a business functions - whether it thrives or struggles. In the past 5-years, the power of reputation has been amplified dramatically, with more audiences utilizing technology to speak their opinions, experiences, and feedback about the products/services they use. In fact, the last three years have seen immense growth in the number of reviews left by consumers. The US alone has seen a growth of 617%, showing that the market is reading and leaving reviews more than ever before. Today, reviews are unmissable. Online reviews are only going to build in importance over the coming years.

The role of online reviews in a buyer’s journey can be divided into three aspects.

  1. First is discovery, wherein having positive reviews can lead to better chances of ranking higher in local searches on Google or other search engines.

  2. Next is an evaluation where potential customers evaluate your listing and star ratings alongside your industry competitors.

  3. Last is establishing trust in abundance.

A business with a great online reputation will establish great trust with prospects before they’ve even spoken to them. Customers will be easier to sell to and more likely to buy more from you because of your brand reputation online.

With everything we’ve looked at so far, we know that reviews hold so much power for a business. But the truth is that businesses are actually at a huge disadvantage. An unhappy customer is far more likely to leave a review unprompted than a happy customer.

That is why we launched our Reputation Management services - for businesses to gain control over their online reputations. It’s not limited to building your brand’s image, but it also involves the process of monitoring and shaping the market’s perception of your business. Not everyone spends ample time evaluating their brands online… and with so many eyes on businesses today, stakes have risen dramatically.

Our services help your organization by asking your customers to leave reviews on the most important sites, strengthening your online reputation performance, and driving it forward. There’s a layer of intelligence to the platform which involves a satisfaction survey to determine customer satisfaction scores. Once data from this is collected, those with good feedback are prompted to leave an online review via Google. In contrast, those with negative experiences are prompted with action points from the platform to recover the relationship with the customer.

A company’s reputation lies within the hands of the market. There is significance in keeping a close watch on how your brands are being talked about online. It may sound simple, but it requires a lot of patience and work. Let Wise Marketing Professionals guide you. Please schedule an appointment today, and let’s have a chat about what’s best for your business to thrive.

Local SEO Dashboard by Wise Marketing Professionals
Wise Marketing Professionals Local SEO Dashboard


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