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12 Tools To Boost Your SEO Link Building Strategy

Building your brand and nurturing your audience and consumers goes beyond creating a high-quality content strategy. Sure, you’ve addressed some questions and provided solutions to your target demographic, but what’s the use if you’re not ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs)?

According to Google, link building is one of the most important factors to improve ranking potential. In order to establish trust and authority, your organization must be proactive in earning links from trustworthy websites. The pages where you build links, and the quality and authority of those pages, play an integral role in determining how you’ll perform online.

Creating a savvy link-building strategy is imperative, but can be daunting when done manually. Good thing there are link-building tools to help scan prospecting and outreach opportunities. We’ve rounded up some sought-after programs that will boost your SEO link-building strategy with ease!


This all-in-one SEO tool provides in-depth keyword analysis, competition data, CPC, even the total monthly search volume for a particular keyword. Ubersuggest is highly recommended for those who want to monitor their SEO health. There’s a free chrome extension, but you can access its complete features starting at $29 per month!

This tool maps the web to provide link intelligence data needed to dominate your market. Majestic collets an amount of data that’s completely unparalleled and translates this in a way that is easy for organizations to understand. There is a free chrome extension for those who want to explore its features. There are available paid plans depending on your needs, but if you opt-out of subscription, they have added reCaptcha that rewards you with free access to their key metrics. This reCaptcha authentication, however, does not last forever. If a heavy user of the free service, authenticating more than once in a session may be required.

Pre-Post SEO is one of the popular websites for providing content and SEO-based tools. The website offers more than 195 tools for different purposes. They offer a backlink maker widget, plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, and even a domain authority checker; all of which can help you build a strong SEO strategy. As for its subscription plan, nothing was mentioned. However, it’s an easy copy paste work

Sitechecker is a personal search engine position tracker. You can know about critical changes in traffic, sales, backlink profile, technical SEO issues for your websites in one place. It merges data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Links Tracker, Rank Tracker, Website Health Checker, and Website SEO Monitoring; which means you have better visibility on how your link strategy is doing! The subscription plan starts at $19/mon.

Backlink profiling is one of Ahref’s prime features that gives marketers an overview of what sites your organization is linked to. This SEO software suite contains tools on rank tracking, site audits, competitor analysis, and keyword research for Google, Amazon, and Youtube. Its UX makes it easy for marketers to gather and understand data from digital efforts they’ve undertaken.

This is a simple link-tracking and backlink analysis tool that provides good value for money. Though it does not offer much in terms of identifying link-building opportunities, you can use Linkody to analyze your backlink profile and disavow bad links. Those who want to try it out can do it for 30 days without needing to provide credit card details.

Buzzstream is an end-to-end outreach platform that aids in running effective link-building campaigns: from link prospecting to outreach. It also features project management capabilities to stay organized. A nice feature is that this app helps you find and collaborate with content creators & influencers, which is another method in building quality backlinks.

CognitiveSEO is a versatile SEO tool used by hundreds of SEO agencies and has proven to improve the visibility of thousands of websites. It allows you to set up campaigns that can easily spot errors, trace backlinks, monitor your competitors, and track keyword rankings; all within a few clicks!

One of the more popular and recently developed SEO tools, it provides an overview of your domain, metrics, keyword rankings, anchor text reports, brand mentions, and such. It pulls link data from Moz & Majestic into a single dashboard. Pricing starts at $25/mon.

10. WebCEO

This cloud-based SEO platform offers 22 pro-level SEO and marketing tools. Its functionality includes a keyword research tool, a quick domain analysis tool, a rank tracking tool, a technical auditor, a link-building tool, plus web analytics and social media modules. You can also remove toxic backlinks here. Pricing starts at $35/month.

11. SEOJet

SEOJet builds out a backlink plan for each page of your website to precisely show what backlinks you need to build to attain perfect anchor text ratios. You can customize this based on mirroring anyone in the top 10 for your main key phrase or mimicking all #1 ranked pages across all categories. There is a 14-day trial available, but pricing starts at $69/month.

This backlink software is robust and easy to use. You can access SERPs tracking software for Google, YouTube, and Bing. It also includes relevant data like search volume and actual traffic data taken from Google. It also features an On-Page SEO analysis to guide you on how to optimize your pages for specific keywords. It is free with a subscription plan starting at $10/month.

Link-building tools can give you eyes on who is linking to your website, what businesses are affiliated with yours, and what strategies you need to implement to up your game in search engine ranks. Regardless of where you stand, it’s important to spend time learning about the tools available so you can implement strategies faster, easier, and with more confidence.

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