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5 Ways to Increase your Facebook Business Page Likes

facebook business page

Businesses all over the globe and across different sectors are trying to take advantage of social media platforms, like Facebook business pages, to help boost their businesses.

#Facebook recently released some stats, including its social media platform accounts for over 2.6 billion active users daily. With such a large community active on both desktop and mobile, many businesses have been in search of the best way to make the most of this digital platform.

To have an active Facebook business page and benefit from this large global community, there are certain things you need to put in place. We will be sharing 5 effective tips on how to organically increase your Facebook business page likes. With these, you will be able to create a brand awareness that will help you generate many likes.

Here are 5 ways to increase your Facebook Page likes for your business:

1. Optimize The Info On Your Facebook Page

The information on your Facebook business page tells a story about your business and a good story should be engaging for it to generate likes. To make your page engaging, you need to optimize your info.

Facebook page optimization simply has to do with making sure your brand image and description are thorough, unique, and engaging. It's also important to create content that encapsulates the activities of your business (more on that in number 2). Putting all these in place will encourage viewers to like your page.

In order to optimize your Facebook business page, you need to add all the necessary basic information such as website URL, phone number, and business address. These will help rank your page better in Facebook and Google Search.

2. Create And Post Engaging Contents

The type of content you post on your Facebook business page determines the number of likes you are going to get. Content needs to be entertaining, engaging, and informative to generate likes.

With the recent updates to the algorithm, Facebook rewards the content on your page by automatically promoting more of your #newsfeed to viewers that find your content engaging. This simply means that the more you post with viewers engaging with the content, the bigger the audience it's put in front of, resulting in more page/post likes.

3. Be active

When it comes to increasing your Facebook business page likes, there is ONE particular thing that you need more than anything else. This is very simple, being active and posting content regularly. To get more likes, you need to post content on your page at least three times a week to once a day.

To put your content to good use, you need to post when your target audience will be online to engage. With Facebook page insights, you will be able to generate this exact time. If you're not familiar with page insights, it's definitely something you need to begin reviewing weekly. It will help determine what your audience is responding to, and what content to post more of, etc. Remember, more engagement with posts means more potential page likes.

Recently trending way to be active on Facebook is in Facebook Groups. They are quickly becoming the "chat rooms" of the 90s. You remember, the themed chat rooms available for those who share a common interest, well that's basically what Facebook Groups are. Create a community surrounding your own business page. Find a common interest and allow people the space to communicate. Share your content from your business page and become the SME (subject matter expert). It's such a great way of saying -- hey, like my page -- without actually saying it. People will want to hear more from you and will seek you out if you continue to provide meaningful, insightful content.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Another way to increase your Facebook business page likes is to create and run Facebook Ad Campaigns. This allows you to showcase your business page to your target audience.

When you're ads are liked by people outside of your usual audience, you can simply invite them to like your page. With this, you will be able to increase the likes on your business page.

5. Promote Your Facebook Business Page Outside Facebook

Apart from promoting your page on Facebook, you can think outside the box and promote it everywhere. Try sharing the link to your Facebook business page on your website, business card, and other social media platforms. Social media plugins with your website allow people to like your page with one click.

To make the most of this opportunity to be visible in front of 2.6 million users, you need to make sure your customers or audience can access your Facebook business page, like your posts, and engage with your content. If you have any questions don't forget, we can help! Contact us today.


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