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Top 5 Mistakes on Social Media Today

Social media has become an essential part of human life since there are almost 2.95 billion people in the world that have at least one social media account. Thus, everyone considers social media as an effective marketing method that can spread the brand widely. However, social media can grow into toxic and harm the company if it is an inaccurate representation of your brand. Here are the top five mistakes on social media that people should avoid.

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Hack or fraud social media's likes and followers

This is a common social media mistake. The company thinks that they can attract people to believe in their products and services' quality if the customers see an extraordinary amount of likes and followers. Yet, there are still companies who want to grow vanity likes quickly and choose to buy likes and followers. We can see this mistake on #Instagram more than on any other social media platform. Nonetheless, this trick of abnormal followers' number can even contribute more to customers' doubtfulness, especially with brand new companies.

Buying Likes / Followers is a BIG mistake, rather you should allow your brand to grow naturally. Share quality content and engage your followers. Encourage likes/shares among your followers and watch your numbers grow on their own!

The marketing plan isn't effective or suitable for the target audience

Every marketing project should aim for a specific target audience. Your company needs to analyze your target audience carefully to provide the most effective social media marketing implementation. Social media content should be directed at current customers by promoting brand loyalty and repeat business bonuses. The next segment should be new customers, by promoting brand awareness and new products/services. Within those general targets, there are segments that should be more closely defined and marketed to by your business. If you're not taking the time to evaluate your marketing strategy and the suitable audience, then you will likely not see the growth in audience/sales that could be expected for those companies who are fully utilizing social media.

Underestimate the power of the bio or profile section

You may easily encounter this mistake. Many businesses, including big brand companies, do not put much effort into the presentations of the "bio" or "profile" section. These fields in social media platforms act as the face or representation of the digital brand. Social media headlines should be strategically filled with business pitches, necessary hyperlinks, and relevant materials in order to redirect the audiences to your website.

Use of Pictures, Video, or Captions that Do Not Engage

Poor quality pictures, noisy video clips, or long and tedious content writing can ruin your social media marketing performance - all posts on your social media matter. Contents should be relevant and contain only the highest quality materials. The contents with the poor condition may affect the engagement between audiences and the company's social media platform.

Not Fully Utilizing the Difference in Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform consists of unique features that every social media marketer should utilize. Instagram has stories & hashtag features and Twitter has retweet features. If you make sure that you are up-to-date with the newest features and make the social media content diversified, you will be recognized.

To avoid the above mistakes on social media, hire a professional. Social Media Marketing is ever-changing and while you're busy running your business, allow a professional to curate engaging content, monitor audience engagement, and grow brand awareness. Call Wise Marketing today for a discovery call to review your options!


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