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10 Ways Your Digital Marketing is Failing

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Many companies are doing their best to have a marketing plan that performs well. However, not all the time it succeeds, even big companies at one point or another have made huge mistakes with their brand, and marketing allows you to grow by learning along with the audience.

Learn about some ways that may affect your company's digital marketing.

1.Missing who is your buyer persona

Having a Buyer persona keeps you focused on customer priorities instead of your own.

It is your semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on real research. The data would include demographics, interests, and behaviors so that your marketing department will understand the buying patterns.

Think about your buyer personas every time you decide on your social marketing strategy.

2.Your content is not compelling and is not viral.

Compelling messages are essential; if you provide a highly emotional experience, your content may go viral. Remember that the three things that can help something “go viral” are to gain likes, comments, and shares - otherwise known as engagement.

To have compelling content, be concise, be human, not too formal -- and keep a call to action for readers. For instance - Learn More or Details Here are common calls to action. Try to engage your audience to stand out - different calls to action could be - Try it Out, Get Started, Stay Updated, Register Now, Apply Now, Book Your Consult, I want to know more! - to name a few!

3.Not recognizing where your leads are coming from

Many leads come to your website which very likely had a direct impact on increased sales; how is this happening?

Not knowing the source of where your leads are coming from, doesn't allow you to focus on the best channels and continue with working strategies, which is one reason you spent thousands of dollars, and you have no results. It is like navigating around circles.

By knowing where most of the leads are coming from can help you get even more leads!

Suppose you have a Google Ad campaign, and you spend thousands of dollars monthly; if the analytics show that your leads are coming from other websites, surely you will invest more in SEO and reduce Paid Ads. It’s so important to understand what is working and what isn’t. If you don’t have someone monitoring your analytics, you should!

4. Missing to improve customer relationships

Check out the connection between your brand and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you release a new marketing campaign and don't take into account your loyal customers' reaction, your clients may be confused. Getting feedback and doing market research can help decide your messaging and give you an advantage over your competition.

5. Rebranding without a strong reason

An excellent example of this could be when GAP changed its logo in 2010, they missed that they are an iconic brand.

This type of incident is so important that you need to perform intense user research and implement it in a great design before running any campaign when you do this type of massive change.

6. Not identifying where your target customers are present.

Where does your target market, consumers, customers, clients get their information? Do they use #Google, Instagram, Yelp? You need to know the details of your target market. If you know the specific platform used to look up information, it will grant you insight into your proper spend for ads.